Roof Renovation System

  • Low cost alternative to re-roofing
  • Enhance & protect your home
  • Adds value to property
  • Guaranteed for 10 years

All Seasons Roof Renovation System

All Seasons is the premier domestic roof coating company in the UK.
We install a roof renovation program in a range of colours, a genuine low cost alternative to re- roofing.
Our step-by- step process adds value and enhances and protects your home.
Our roof renovation service offers a long lasting protection for your roof, coming with a 10 YEAR GUARANTEE.

Why Choose All Seasons Roof Renovation Service?

  • Is your roof over 15 years old ?
  • Are your roof tiles made of porous concrete?
  • Is there unsightly moss and lichen growth ?
  • Has the protective surface been worn away ?
  • Does your roof need re-pointing ?

If your answer is "yes".... All Seasons can help you!

What can go wrong with your concrete tiles?

roof damage
roof damage
roof damage
roof damage
  • Over time, there is movement and slippage, plus storm
  • Erosion of the protective surface exposes the vulnerable,
    porous interior of tiles
  • The presence of harmful mosses and lichens accelerates the
    process of decay
  • Cracks in ridge and apex pointing, if unchecked, will allow
    water penetration deep into the roof
  • As tiles break down, they retain more moisture. This extra
    weight, plus moss and lichen, place significant stress on the main structure
  • Water penetration between tiles and the membrane can build
    up near the eaves causing serious damage to rafter feet

All Seasons Roof Renovation Service is your cost effective, long term solution!

NO Hidden Extras!


The All seasons process includes everything required to give you a top class result.
This, of course, includes professional re-pointing of gable ends and ridges as needed.

Clean, Repair, Treat, Protect - The Roof Renovation Process Explained


Prior to any work commencing, our installation team will carry out a full risk assessment. This includes identifying any repairs and any tiles that need replacing. We can then start cleaning your roof. 
Your existing tiles will be cleaned thoroughly using our specialist high pressure cleaning equipment. All traces of moss, algae, lichen and surface dirt is removed by washing away the top layer of tile. We then clean all the surrounding area of any debris.



We will replace any broken, chipped or cracked tiles and repoint as appropriate.
This is included in the price, even if there are up to 100 tiles to repair, so there's no need to worry about any hidden extras!


Next, we spray the roof with biocide. This kills the moss, algae, lichen and mould, therefore preventing regrowth under the coating.
The biocide is applied using a low pressure lance which ensures that all the tiles are fully treated.


Once the roof has dried, we apply two coats of a unique micro-porous coating. This is applied using an airless spray system and is available in a range of colours which completely transform the appearance of your roof and property.
The coating also makes the roof completely waterproof and reduces moss, lichen and algae growth for years to come.



Colour Selection

A wide selection of colours are available to transform roofs from dirty and unattractive to clean and as new. The colours depicted are for guidelines only.

Roof Renovation, Roof Coating, Roof Cleaning in South East England. Guaranteed for 10 years