Professional Roof Coating Services

The Cheaper Alternative to Re-Roofing

Your home is probably your largest investment, so keeping your roof, which is the single largest exposed surface area, in good condition is imperative, which is where our professional roof coating services come in.
The cost of a completely new roof can be very high.
We at About All Seasons Roofing Solutions offer roof coating as a long lasting protection for your roof, coming with a 10 YEAR GUARANTEE.
Our professional roof coating service is a far cheaper alternative to re-roofing.

Roof Coating is for you if your roof suffers from any of the following; Roof coating guaranteed for 10 years

  • Moss, Algae or Lichen growth
  • Loose mortar on ridges & verges
  • Chipped, cracked or broken tiles
  • Poor appearance
  • Or simply if your roof is over 20 years old



The Roof Coating Process Explained

Stage One

Before we begin any work our experienced installation teams perform a full risk assessment. Out teams then prepare the property for the cleaning stage of the process. This will include:

  • Disconnecting or blocking all downpipe and gutter systems before commencing work
  • Removing any garden furniture, potted plants and any other fragile items
  • Laying tarpaulins around the whole property to ensure maximum cleanliness
  • Ensuring all neighbours are notified of process

Once all these steps are in place we can then begin cleaning your roof with our specialist high pressure jet washers.

Stage Two

On stage 2 of the process we spray your roof with a fungicidal wash solution. This fungicidal wash is applied with an adapter on the pressure washer which ensures the entire roof is treated, thus ensuring all moss and lichen spores within the roof tiles are killed.

Stage Three

Once your roof has been thoroughly cleaned we are then able to identify any areas that need repair. We:

  • Replace any broken or damaged tiles (even if there are 100 tiles to replace it is all included in the price you have been given).
  • Repoint any cement areas as necessary

Stage Four

Now on the final stage of the process we apply 2 coats of our waterproof coating. Our coating is sourced from one of the highest quality manufacturers in the world and is available in a wide range of colours, all of which completely transform your roof. From the more subtle browns to the more distinct terracotta, whichever colour you choose, you can rest assured each has the same total waterproofing properties.